Viva Magenta Hair Color: How to Recreate the Pantone Color of the Year

April 18, 2023

Pantone, the color language that supports all color conscious industries like textiles, apparel, beauty, interiors, and more, has revealed its new color for 2023! Its bright color choice is just what we all need to finally step out of the pandemic shadow and boost our moods! Because how can you feel anything but happy with this vibrant color in your hair? We really love this color and can’t wait to see the Viva Magenta hair color everywhere!

Magenta hair color from Revlon Professional

Viva Magenta Hair Color: What Is It?

What is this color and how do you get it? The Viva Magenta hair color (shade 18-750 to be exact), offers a stunning and unconventional shade for an unconventional time. The mix of pinks and reds that stem from nature give a vibrant, fun look and a sense of optimism that’s very welcome in 2023! The rebellious and animated shade suits every skin tone which is what makes this inclusive crimson shade the perfect fit. Viva Magenta hair color is a hybrid shade that is a balanced mixture of cool and warm. It has a multi-dimensional tone and extreme gloss that will transform hair into a virtual and augmented color reality™.

Who knew that a new color trend could bring so much fun, optimism and virtual options?

Pantone viva magenta

How to Recreate the Perfect Viva Magenta Hair Color in Your Salon

We know that you can’t wait to try this bold shade out and we can’t blame you! But how can you recreate it? The fun of this shade is that the Viva Magenta hair color looks strikingly vibrant on lighter shades and more muted with intense shine on darker bases. As it fades, (depending on the starting base) the rich Viva Magenta color will leave clients with colors from luscious cherry red all the way to pastel pinks and peaches. To extend the services at your salon, offer high performing products for your clients to take home such as the Nutri Color™ Filters Fashion Filters. These expressive, colorful filters are an excellent way to intensify shades or to create a bright semi-permanent hair dye makeover with intense COLOR, CARE and SHINE. Feeling inspired? We recommend shade 500 Purple Red to fit with the Viva Magenta hair color.


If your client has a base of 7 or higher, applying shades such as 600 Red mixed with the 050 Pink Nutri Color™ Filter directly over pre-lightened or natural bases will produce the boldest looks. The existing color technique will affect the outcome so, to really be on trend, try the Viva Magenta hair color over a Foilayage or Balayage.

For those in demand darker roots, we recommend Revlonissimo Colorsmetique™ 66.66 Intense Purple Red with bold #highcontrastbalayage ends using C50 Purple Red, C60 Fire Red. This will give you true-to-tone high-dimension color results that will create a bold and fresh new look that can be changed each time it fades!

For more color shy color clients or for a sophisticated darker take on the look, try a darker base by applying the Viva Magenta hair inspired .052 Raspberry Pink by Color Excel Gloss. This provides an introduction to the pink side and exceptional gloss that adds an abundance of warmth that will fade beautifully! The Viva Magenta hair color is an eye -catching shade for everyone. If you need more tips, try the Helix Hair Color Consultation | Revlon Professional® – Revlon Professional.



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Personalize the look by adding in various pops of different hues to create a head turning masterpiece. To achieve this, try blending the trending Viva Magenta hair color with different contrasting or complementary tones to create a bespoke look. This nature inspired shade was created using Revlonissimo Colormetique Permanent hair color mixers shade C50 Purple Red and a mix of Nutri Color™ Filters Fashion Filters to intensify the look and add some serious  shine.


Now you have the inspiration and the know how to recreate this stunning and trending new shade! It’s time to say yes to new hair color possibilities and empower your salon. At Revlon professional, our range of limitless color possibilities and augmented shades will meet the needs of even the most demanding clients. To be at the forefront of all our upcoming hair coloring trends for 2023 and beyond (such as the Blooming Collection) visit our e-learning platform, REVLONPROALWAYSON. If you are not a Revlon Professional® customer yet, head to our contact page, leave us your contact details, and a member of our team will be in touch.


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