Tackle the Metals in the Hair Fiber with Magnet

February 9, 2022

As a hairdresser your daily challenge is to meet your clients’ hair lightening and coloring expectations without compromising their hair condition. To face the everyday difficulties with confidence in your work results, we developed Magnet™; the must-have range with its exclusive BondIN System™ that prevents, protects and repairs hair from the inside out. Below, find out the importance of metals on hair and other aggressors; check out how to cope the challenge with confidence!

What Is the Impact of Metals on Hair?

In order to be able to obtain the results your client is expecting, you must take into consideration the impact of metals on hair, other external aggressors and how these will alter the hair coloring outcome. By being aware of this beforehand, you can anticipate and fight them with our Magnet™ professional hair products to confidently work on your technical service. Take a glance at how metals and other aggressors take crucial part on your services:


Particle Matter (PM), are microscopic solid pollution particles that can be found on air. These particles deposit on the hairs’ surface and lead to the damage of cuticles and the internal hair shaft as well.

Other External Aggressors

There are other external aggressors that should also be taken into consideration and are no less important than metals, these include:

  • Chemical factors which can cause internal hair bonds to break. 
  • Thermal factors damage the hair structure.
  • Sunlight and UV exposure degrade hair color and damage hair protein.
  • Pollution damages hair inner structure.
  • Lime, it can deposit on hair leaving it dull and with a rough touch.

How Do Metals Influence Hair Coloring and Bleaching?

Magnet Hair

Without a doubt the most demanded services at your salon are coloring and lightening, and although it is no secret that during technical services hair is exposed to internal bond break, metals play an important role and can negatively influence not only the hair color results expected, but the integrity of the hair as well. 

On a daily basis without us being aware, hair absorbs several types of pollutants. These metal particles are the enemy during any technical service given that they react with hydrogen peroxide. When they begin to act, an uncontrolled reaction of free radicals begins; this means that the reactive molecules damage the hair inner structure leading to the breakage of fundamental hair keratin bonds. The outcome of this is weaker and more fragile hair, as well as imprecise and unreliable hair color results that leave hair without chromaticity, shine and vibrancy.

Find out How Magnet™ Can Help to Eliminate and Prevent Hair Metals

Revlon Professional®

The exclusive BondIN System™ in our Magnet™ range cares for existing bonds, repairs broken ones and generates new ones, this way hair is strong from the inside out. Our system provides a 360° protective shield for chemically treated hair to combat external aggressors. Find out more about its key ingredients and how they work their magic. 

3 Key Bonding Ingredients

  • Maleic acid: Creates new structural bonds 
  • Cystine derivatives: Protect and repair hair’s keratin structure
  • Amide & Amine derivatives: Create additional hydrogen and ionic hair bonds

3 Key Anti-Aggressor Ingredients

  1. Chelating agents: Capture metals during technical services.
  2. Antioxidants/Moringa: Inhibit free-radicals formed by chemical reactions or UV rays.
  3. Shield ingredients: Form a protective layer over the hair shaft and scalp to block external aggressors and remove the deposits they leave behind with ease.

Meet your most demanding clients’ expectations with our Magnet™ range, which includes products that offer reliable options with high-performance; that is what we deliver. Prepare, protect and repair hair, before, during and after any premium technical service. Get your hands on the Magnet™ range products today at #REVLONPROSHOP and check out our #REVLONALWAYSON E-learning platform for tips on optimal use. Are you ready to face the challenge?