Bring Deep Browns to a Cool New Level with Nutri Color Filters Cool Browns

May 18, 2023

Brunettes are thought to be the easy and low-maintenance color of the hairdressing world but, in reality, us Color pros know that this is far from true. How often do you see that perfect cool brown that still has enough shine and dimension? And more to the point, how long does it stay that way? Times have changed and now in 2023, technology has come a long way but those persistent red undertones can still somehow come through can’t they?

At Revlon Professional, we understand that great hair needs to stay looking that way long after the client leaves your salon chair. Because of this, we have added two brand new cool neutralizing control shades to our much loved Nutri Color™Filter family of 27 vegan intermixable direct color shades. You can use these to experiment with creativity in the salon, and your clients can take deep browns to a cool new level and maintain salon-perfect results for longer at home. We can’t wait for you to discover these new neutralizing vegan tones and learn the versatile ways that you can use them!

nutri Color Filters cool browns

512 Pearly Ash Brown 

The first of our latest shades to go pro is our Pearly Ash Brown 512. This stunning vegan shade offers a cool color refresh that your clients will love! The secondary iridescent pearl tone gives hair a luminous shine while the predominant ash tone ensures that warmth is kept at bay. This perfect combination is instantly visible in the bowl after mixing the chosen colors and leaves hair in better condition than before by sealing the hair cuticle and treating your hair as it colors.

Our new Pearly Ash Brown shade is packed with neutralizing presets and 1012 –Nutri Color™ Filters Blonde Mauve for a trending metallic effect. This combination will really intensify the richness and saturation of your brown color and will help keep out the warmth in the brown and blonde. This is why we have used them together for one of our new and trending PRO LOOKS. 

You can discover our new techniques like Mind the Gap and Ombre Bob, which use these new cooler tones as a base alongside strategic color placements to create custom looks without limits.

613 Golden Ash Brown 

Our second new tone, Golden Ash Brown, is a level lighter and just as cool and intense! The predominant tone is an ash and the secondary tone is a golden hue that gives the hair a healthy radiant shine. Hair is deeply nourished, moisturized, and left feeling silky soft and smooth. This DIRECT semi-permanent vegan shade is perfect to intensify the richness and saturation of your brown color for a natural-looking brunette that just looks and feels healthier!

For those who are a bit more daring, we recommend these dark colors paired with more vibrant tones such as our bright and vibrant coppery peach 054 CORAL. There is a wide range of semi-permanent hair dye toning filters, which ensure flawless color from roots to tips. You can use them in between color services, or right after pre-lightening the hair. Nutri Color™ Filters give you absolute creative control over your color services. These totally renewed color formulas have been designed for color precision and excellent performance across the board.

Are you ready to try these intense, low-commitment tones for yourself? You can go from a subtle refresh all the way to a bold color hair dye with fantasy color results!

Head to our Revlon Pro Shop to order the full Nutri Color™ Filter range of vegan dermatologically tested tones. Our unique 3-IN-1 INSTA-PIC TECHNOLOGY™ delivers DIRECT intense COLOR, CARE and SHINE, that opens a world of multi-chromatic possibilities.

The Nutri Color™ Filter range has total respect for the hair, reduces hair breakage, detangles, and does not cause damage, making it perfect for in and out of the salon. We know that you and your clients will love them!  For more inspiration and to empower your salon, you can also head to our 24/7 educational platform, Revlon Pro AlwaysOn, (available for clients only, so click the link to become one).


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