Color Excel Gloss Acidic Gloss Treatment



Go further with your acidic color. No lift, no compromise acidic hair color gloss treatment, with patent-pending technology, that reverses damage from chemical processes & rebuilds structure to recover hair’s natural quality.

Visibly improved condition
4X shine**
10-minute treatment


Creamy professional hair gloss formula based in lipids & natural-sourced mimetic emollients, avoids alcohols commonly found in other liquid acidic coloration that can strip hair’s natural lipidic layer, leaving it unprotected.

* vs. leading acidic coloration brands
**vs. untreated bleached hair

Who is it for?
Stylists seeking to go further with acidic color that delivers incomparable care, color & shine in a damage-reversing demi-permanent hair gloss treatment to glaze, tone, correct, refresh, enhance & neutralize in just 10 minutes

Key benefits:
No lift, no compromise
10-minute service
Non-alcohol based formula
Low alkalinity, high performance:
– 2X less breakage vs. leading liquid technology
– 4X shine*
– 6X smoother hair*
– Shine lasts up to 8 weeks

*vs. untreated porous hair

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    • - No lift, no compromise
    • - Reverses damage & recovers hair's natural condition from the first application
    • - 2X less breakage vs. leading liquid technology
    • - 4X shine*
    • - 6X smoother hair*
    • - Up to 8 weeks of shine
    • - Non-alcohol based formula
    • - 10-minute processing for quicker service & less oxidation time–half the time of leading acidic coloration brands
    • - Ammonia-free** vegan caring cream
    • - Perfectly calibrated color & depth for predictable, easy-to-use color results
    • - Exceptional uniformity
    • No commitment color
    • Hair shine treatment
    • *vs. untreated bleached hair
    • **Formulated without adding ammonia
    Featuring patent-pending technology, the system’s PRIME-DEPOSIT-SEAL actions refill & repair the protein structure to prime hair for optimal color deposit and seal the cuticle to lock in color retention & lasting glow.


    Rebuilds & repairs the hair structure, neutralizing cysteic acid that results from chemical processes and weakens the hair stucture. Reverses damage to recover natural hair quality.

  • 70ml
  • Please note that ingredient may vary from time to time. Refer to the ingredient list on the product package for the most updated list.

    PROTEIN-FILLER PEPTIDES: PRIME. Peptide chains replenish proteins in the hair fiber to rebuild structure & restore strength for a reparative effect, priming the hair for uniform color deposit, excellent pigment retention & optimal light reflection.

    CHROMA LIGHTSPHERES: DEPOSIT. High-reflective pigments 1,000 times smaller than the hair fiber for optimal pigment diffusion within the hair structure to create a glow-from-within effect.

    CUTICLE LOCK: SEAL. Surface-smoothing finishers help align the hair cuticle for maximum light reflection, locking in color & care.

Color Excel Gloss Acidic Gloss Treatment
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