Tips for Achieving the Best Violet Brunette Balayage

August 14, 2023

Fresh off the back of the silvery gray hair trend is a well-overdue obsession especially for the dark side. Let us introduce you to the ultimate fusion of #BalayageBrunette blended with all shades of violet through to lavender to create a look that’s both edgy-cool and rocker-chic.  Think of it as the answer to a bold hair shakeup that all of us who normally play it safe have been waiting for.

Intrigued? To get the full lowdown on what’s involved in creating the violet Balayage look and how much maintenance it all takes, read on.



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Understanding Violet Brunette Balayage and Why It Has Become a Trend

While the Balayage technique has been around for years, it’s become extremely popular due to the seamless color transition that gives clients that sun-kissed look. The low maintenance regrowth and beautiful dimension was always a head turner but that smooth blend is also the perfect base to go bold! 2023 is all about showcasing your personality and being unique! Clients from all backgrounds are wearing brighter looks that were once reserved for the party scene so it’s no wonder that this classic technique has evolved into something more fun and versatile. To create the sought after violet Balayage, hand paint strands of hair with color or Magnet™ then gloss with your choice of a purple or violet shade. The purple color will leave your client’s hair looking radiant and super glossy.

Preparing the Hair for Balayage

If your client’s hair isn’t already blonde or with lighter pieces that are a level 6 and above, then the hair will need to be pre-lightened to the chosen level first. That’s where the Balayage technique will come in. Remember that for darker bases to achieve lighter violet Balayage results, you can also combine Balayage with a technique called Foilayage.

When it comes to choosing the right shade of violet for brunettes, it depends on your client’s personal tastes and the color of their hair. Ash purples and lilacs are popular shades, following the trend of gray tones. However, if the hair is darker than a base 6 it is best to opt for deeper shades. It’s recommended to stick to true purple and ash lilacs, avoiding reddish and pinker tones.



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Choosing the Right Shade of Violet for Brunettes

Preference is key and the fun of the violet Balayage look is that it suits everybody. If your clients are looking for advice on how to complement their skin tone and eye color then a general rule is that cooler undertones can wear all violet tones and play with ash lilac tones to get a trendy tone like 200 Violet mixed with .821 Mauve Glace. Warmer undertones can opt for warmer shades in the violet spectrum, such as burgundy color 55.  Light Intense Burgundy Brown which will make their eyes and skin really glow. We recommend shades 200 Violet by Revlonissimo Colorsmetique™ Permanent Hair Color Burgundies. Besides, check out our 8.222 shade – hair color of the year!


To achieve the desired violet Balayage, the hair needs to be lightened to a shade that is ideally above a base 6 to a 9. This ensures that the hair is light enough to be able to see the violet shades shine through and add some contrast with the brunette base. It is important to have a consultation to check the client’s hair health and history. The next step is to ensure that the correct tone and product is used to achieve the look and lift to the right undertone for the perfect violet Balayage color.

Balayage Application Techniques

Balayage involves individually painting strands of hair and creating a customized, natural-looking effect. The technique allows for a seamless blend of colors, providing depth and dimension to the hair. The beauty of Balayage is that each and every time is unique. As a stylist, it’s important to see the hair in its natural form and texture to ensure that you enhance the client’s texture and really make those violet pieces pop.

Maintaining and enhancing violet brunette Balayage itself is low-maintenance. This color technique typically only needs touch-ups every 2-6 months. However, the purple tone will require regular toning or glossing treatments to maintain vibrancy. It’s very important to discuss this with your client during the consultation so that they are prepared to keep their violet color topped up. Luckily this is a simple process! For that pro finish at home, make sure you recommend  Nutri Color™ Filters.



Expert Tips for Professional Hair Stylists

When performing a violet brunette Balayage, there are some common mistakes to avoid. Firstly it is vital to ensure proper pre-lightening and toning to achieve the desired shade. Pay attention to the placement of the purple strands for a cohesive and natural result and communicate with your clients to understand their preferences and go over maintain their desired look. Finally, you may need to pre-tone the hair before the desired violet shade is applied. This additional step will create a clean canvas for your chosen shade, especially if your client prefers a cooler violet. We recommend using Color Excel Gloss by Revlonissimo™  .01 for darker bases that may have lifted to a warmer hue as this neutralizes unwanted warmth and helps give vibrant and long-lasting shades.



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Common Mistakes to Avoid in Violet Brunette Balayage

Achieving the perfect violet brunette Balayage relies on finding the right balance in lightening the hair. Unlike achieving a blonde result, violet tones don’t require as much lift. While lightening the hair, it’s important to monitor the process closely to avoid overprocessing. Keep an eye on the hair and remove the lightening product once you’ve achieved the desired violet undertone. This will help maintain the hair’s health and ensure a beautiful and glossy finish. Remember, the beauty of violet brunette Balayage lies in its ability to keep the hair looking vibrant and healthy.

Recommended Products for Violet Brunette Balayage

The violet brunette Balayage look is a fun and relatively easy way to have cool-girl hair. It creates an edgy look without over-processing the hair, so it’s perfect to add the shine back to post summer blondes! However, under those striking violet tones remember that the client’s hair is lightened! All hair tones will fade and tend to revert to a warm undertone so keep that brassiness at bay by recommending the RE/START™ Color range, heat protection, and color top ups! We also recommend the following products to ensure your creative masterpiece looks great until your client’s next salon visit. Try  Nutri Color™ Filters 200 Violet, 020 Lavender and, for that ultimate augmented color, Virtual Mauve Blonde 8.222

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