Let Your Creativity Flourish with the New Revlon Professional® Blooming Collection

February 22, 2023

Inspired by nature itself, the new Blooming Collection by Revlon Professional® arrives with creative ideas and vibrant hair color schemes that will help you stay on top in the fast-paced salon industry. Thus, added to our strong trust in color’s power to transform, revitalize, and repair, our dose of creativity this season draws from the vivid combinations of flora and fauna. As an extra finishing touch, our makeup foundation proposal mimics the velvety texture of petal flowers with a matt finish, creating the perfect canvas to add subtle touches of color to contrast natural skin with a radiating hairstyle. Choose to drive your business into the future and reset your services by offering fresh in-salon experiences and the best hair color combinations to take your clients beyond conventional looks.

Our upcoming spring 2023 hair trends

Spring 2023 hair trends come with new and exciting looks to match contemporary needs and keep up with the uplifting vigor of the blooming season. With a rich palette of intense colors such as mauve blonde or chocolate brown, two-tone creations, new ways of doing balayage, and bold haircuts with strong shapes that are a style statement, modern hairdressing embraces exploration, brightness and positivity. Also, strategic color placement is once again in the spotlight as one of the skills to be mastered by hair artists who want to stand out from the competition and, therefore, applying blushed hues, styling color melts, or perfectly mingling dark and light colors are now among the bare essentials. At Revlon Professional® we believe in short haircut styles for women; hence, the micro bob and the mullet are definitely two of our favorite choices.

Two models with micro bob and mullet haircuts

The micro bob, a sophisticated classic

An ode to the glamorous times of the roaring 20s, bob haircuts never go out of style, and this is why at Revlon Professional® we are all for the micro bob. A low-maintenance haircut that is a blend of heritage and innovation, all it needs is the tiniest styling touch to make it perfect for any occasion, whether formal or informal. Wavy textured and rejuvenating, this nose-length, tapered-in-the-back short bob haircut style looks great in any color. Try using the high contrast balayage technique or a subtle blush tint for the most modern results, because who says that dark and light hair colors can’t go together?

Hairdresser’s hands applying the hair color of the season

The mullet, a statement haircut

Straight back from the 80s, the modern version of the mullet haircut is here to stay. Take a fearless approach to this transgressive hairstyle by using strongly contrasting colors for a true expression of individuality, or offer a milder version with spiced blonde or blended color roots for a subtler effect. This bold short-layered haircut, with a short choppy fringe and longer nape area, is perfect for all hair types and textures. Use your creativity as a hair artist and try combining it with darker roots and flashes of color to really make an impact on your clients. We dare you to try it!

Hairdresser shaping a mullet haircut

At Revlon Professional® we believe in the power of color and are constantly working to provide hair artists with the techniques and skills to create the most fashionable styles. In the hair industry, where trends come and go almost seasonally, being up to the minute is no longer a choice but a must; therefore, lifelong learning has become essential. To ensure that you and your team thrive with nature this spring, we encourage you to visit our e-learning platform REVLONPROALWAYSON, where you will have access 24/7 and from anywhere to information on the latest hairstyle trends and how to recreate them. Besides, if you’re looking for something new or want to upgrade your tools and material, check out the REVLONPROSHOP and find the most requested hair products of the season. Likewise, if you would like further professional hair advice, we encourage you to contact the sales representative in your area.

Make your professional hair skills bloom!


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