Hairstyles with Bangs: Find the Perfect Looks for Your Clients

November 21, 2022

With the arrival of autumn, clients come to salons eager to change and improve their hair. As hairdressing professionals, we must be prepared not only with knowledge about which styles are in fashion but also, at a glance, to know which proportions, and types of bangs are suitable for each person. There are dozens of possibilities, from curtain bangs for long hair to the micro bangs, which are trending this season. Let’s take a look at the best hairstyles and haircuts with bangs that will give your clients a fresh new look.

Types of Bangs and How to Achieve Them

Bangs are a way to change a person’s style in a few simple steps. But first you must follow the proper methodology, know what type of face you are working with, and the best technique to use.

Curtain Bangs

This is the style that reigns this season. Popularized in the ’60s and ’70s, these long bangs frame the face and are suitable for all types of people. For clients who do not want to lose the length of their hair, the curtain fringe is the best option to create a look that will change their expression and turn a joyless haircut into a trendy look. We recommend doing a dry cut and making the first cut at chin length. This way you will have the option to cut a little more depending on your client’s taste and style. Don’t forget to add texture by styling the new bangs with Style Masters™ Creator Memory Spray™.

hairstyle bangs

Solid Fringe

For clients with a more elongated face shape and wide forehead, opt for the iconic blunt fringe that completely covers the forehead area. Do it at the height that suits the client best.  It is vitally important to do the cut on dry hair and to comb it straight with the Style Masters ™ Lissaver so that the fringe is as straight as possible. Comb the bangs forward and start the cut at eye level. We recommend covering the person’s eyes with a thin, stiff piece of paper so that the hairs do not disturb them when they fall. With extreme delicacy, take up the length according to the style of each client.

A woman with a box bob with bangs and the Style Masters™ products used to create the look

Curly Bangs

For curly hair there is also the perfect fringe. In addition to creating many layers in the dry mane with the curved cut technique, define the bangs by placing the curls on the forehead to see how they behave and visually connect the bangs to the sides. Don’t forget to use UniqOne™ Hair Treatment Celebration Edition during the cut to control frizz and make curly bangs your hallmark.


How to Choose a Haircut According to Hair Type

We all care about the way our hair looks; it gives us confidence. Therefore,  it is very important for hairdressers to know how to choose the right haircut for each person depending on the type of hair they have. Whether straight, curly, or wavy, with thicker or thinner hair, there are easy tricks to help you choose the right style and know that you will provide a great look for each person.

Smooth Hair

This hair type requires the least effort when it comes to styling and cutting techniques. Among the suitable styles, we find the classic bob or blunt bob, to which we can add a solid fringe to finish off the look. It’s ideal to use Style Masters™ Volume Elevator Spray ™ to give the hairstyle an extraordinary volumizing effect.

Wavy Hair

With wavy hair, be careful with both the hairstyle and the cut. This is usually a tricky hair type to work with. A good pixie cut with side bangs or a long, layered look with curtain bangs are good ideas to make wavy hair look divine and carefree. With our fantastic RE/START™ Defining Caring Cream, you will be able to control frizz and achieve voluminous curls.

Curly Hair

For curlier hair (which doesn’t have to be so hard to work with) there are multiple, multi-dimensional options to enhance this hair. Choose haircuts that work with the texture of each type of curl. With textured hair, you can use the flat cut technique while maintaining a mid-length bob. Define the bangs by connecting them to both sides. Mix RESTART™ CURLS Nourishing Conditioner & Leave-In with RE/START™ Multi-Purpose Gel-to-Oil to enhance the curls and provide extra nourishment and bounce.

Fine Hair

Thinner hair types require special attention when it comes to creating volume. The best cuts are over-the-shoulder cuts with light layers or fabulous pixies with short bangs. Assist this hair type with products that provide extra volume and body, such as Style Masters™ Must Haves Modular Mousse™.

Thick Hair

Special attention should be paid to this type of hair, which should be cut longer to make it easier to style. Long, layered cuts and curtain bangs are a very good option here. Use Style Masters™ Double or Nothing Reset™ to extend the time between washes and, thus, preserve the hairstyle longer.

Now you know everything about bangs, and you can combine this with your knowledge of trendy hairstyles, such as mullet hair! To finish defining all your hairstyles, get the Style Masters™ range, which you can use to fix your looks and make them last much longer. You can get this line and many more in our online store, Revlon Pro Shop. In addition, if you are already a customer, you can access to our educational platform, #AlwaysOn, to learn new techniques and perfect those you already know.


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