The Importance of Properly Calculating the Costs of Your Hair Salon Services

June 7, 2022

Many times hair salon owners question whether the price they are charging for the services they offer is fair, perhaps too low or too high. The truth is, that the prices for personalized hair color services should be elevated because a client searching for a unique salon for their personal image will not value cheap prices. 

Let’s Talk About Hair Salon Costs

When we talk about salon costs, we have to look at the overall picture and the expenses of each and every one of the products, tools, team members, and everything that entails an expense in order to offer your customers an optimum service. Obtaining an exact number will require an extra effort; this means that you will have to take a look at inventory for sales and services, team education costs, the total amount of the expenses generated by the staff and let’s not forget about your salary. Every expense, no matter how small it is, counts and has an effect on what would be the ideal price for each service. If you want to learn more about how to determine the costs of your salon, visit our e-learning platform REVLONPROALWAYSON and find out everything you need to know to calculate the costs of your salon down to the millimeter.

Learn How to Properly Calculate the Price Positioning of your salon based on the cost of Hair Color Service

Time is the most valuable possession we have and for that reason, it is crucial to establish the prices of your hair salon services with a methodology behind it. In most cases, hair salon owners come up with a price they feel comfortable with, but to have a profitable hair salon today, it is crucial to comprehend how much is your cost per service at the moment, as well as the profit margin for all your services to be cost-effective. The key is to master how much you are charging per minute for every service you offer, get all the details on how to calculate the cost of your hairdressing services on our REVLONPROALWAYSON platform.

Pricing Objectives and Options for Hairdressing Services

The main goal of coming up with a pricing methodology for every hairdressing service offered at your hair salon is to boost your sales volume and value, increase your market share and profits as well as build a recognizable image among your clientele and prospects. Strike your competitors with a plan and you will obtain visible results in your revenue and in your clientele. Coming up with a set pricing for your hair salon services is simple; although not everything is black and white, there are several options to come up with the pricing that best suits the services you offer. Visit the Revlon Professional® e-learning platform REVLONPROALWAYSON and explore the three most common pricing options for hair salons, examples, and learn how to calculate the profit margin based on the option chosen.

Every positive change starts with you, analyze the expenses you currently have at your salon and decide whether or not they are being met by the prices you currently charge. If this is not the case, it is time for a change; calculate the costs there are and choose the option that best complements your needs to push your average ticket to a different level. If you are not a Revlon Professional® client yet, visit our REVLONPROSHOP online store and become a member in a few steps; here you will have early access to exclusive promotions and a sales representative at your disposal to guide you through this cost-efficient change.

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